Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ways God Spoke To People In The Bible

Some phrases the NIV uses for "dreams" are: vision at night, vision of the night, vision in the night, during the night had a vision, dream one night, dreams in the night. If there are others, I don't really remember.

These are some of the Bible references of when God spoke to people in dreams. There probably are more.

What I learned is God speaks to all sorts of people in dreams. They do not have to be Christians. God can speak directly to the person, or He can use those like angels. He sometimes speaks directly to that person, but that person can also be a messenger.

  • Genesis 37 (Joseph's Dream), 40 (Joseph Interprets the Cupbearer & the Baker's dreams), 41 (Pharaoh's Dream)
  • Judges 7:9 (during the night - in Gideon's sleep, the Lord spoke to Gideon to give him instruction on how to attack the Midians)
  • I Kings 3:15 (Solomon asks for wisdom and God gives him the answer in a dream)
  • I Chronicles 17 (God spoke to Nathan in the night, in his sleep by giving Nathan a Word about His promise to David)
  • Isaiah 1 (a vision concerning Judah & Jerusalem that Isaiah's son, Amoz, saw), 6 (Isaiah's commission)
  • Daniel 2 (Nebuchadnezzar's Dream)
  • Ezekiel 1 & 3 (Ezekiel seeing visions from God)
  • Zechariah 1 (Zechariah had a vision while he was sleeping)
  • Matthew 1:20-24 (an angel appeared to Joseph in a draem regarding Mary)
  • Acts 16:9-10 (Paul has a vision of the Man of Macedonia)
  • Revelation 1 (John sees revelations from God)