Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dreams From The Holy Spirit - 12 Basic Categories

  1. Dreams of Destiny
  2. Dreams of Edification - "feel good dreams", full of revelation & produce hope
  3. Dreams of Exhortation - Courage & often have a sense of urgency. Challenge us to take action. Instill faith!
  4. Dreams of Comfort - Heal our emotions & memories. Heavenly perspective on earthly situations to receive healing.
  5. Dreams of Correction - Personal changes to our character. Speaks to heart issues. Brings about repentence (not condemning, rather conviction) in order to move forward.
  6. Dreams of Direction - Higher level of revelation & very prophetic in nature.
  7. Dreams of Instruction - Teaching dreams.
  8. Dreams of Cleansing - Christ prepares the bride. Sanctification. Flushing dreams.
  9. Dreams That Reveal The Heart - Dreams of self-disclosure or self-condition. Shows where we presently are with God.
  10. Dreams of Spiritual Warfare - Calls us to prayer. Intercessory type dreams may require fasting & worship.
  11. Dreams of Creativity - Involves things like designs, inventions, & new ways of doing things. God often gives these types of dreams to Artists & Musicians.
  12. Dreams With Impartation - Activate any of the gifts of the Spirit.