Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Authors Of This Blog

The authors of this blog have taken some training in Biblical Dream Interpretation and some have more training than others. We are learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit to interpret the dreams we have and the dreams of others.

Everyone has dreams (those things we see while we are asleep).

If you want a dream interpretted, you may post it as a comment, but depending upon the authors, they may or may not interpret the dream based upon time, resources, etc. And, there could be multiple meanings for dreams.

You may post comments to this site, but they are all moderated, meaning if you use profanity or language that is undesired for this site, those comments and/or words will be deleted.

This blog is to edify, encourage, and to be supportive.

There are resources (sites, books, audios, DVDs) that are both free and for sale from other sites that can help you as you learn how to interpret dreams.